Specialty log grown mushrooms

started our specialty shiitake mushrooms farm  in 2014 in response to the Managed Forest Law program that required that our woods in Vernon County be harvested.  We learned alot from Paul Stamets and others and decided to grow our mushroom on logs instead of on sawdust blocks.  We just felt that we got a much better robust mushroom growing them on logs in the out of doors.

Since then there have been alot of changes.  Ingrid Daudert  did a reboot of Misty Dawn Farm  in 2020 when she went to an auction and bought a 19 acre farm in Janesville Wi.  This property was so amazing and so unique.  While bidding on the farm her main competetor for the purchase of the farm was a salvage yard where his vision was to expand his salvage yard.  Well I just couldn’t let that happen the family who purchased the property in the early 1960’s planted almost 5000 sugar maple, pine and orchard trees on what was then a corn field. (check out the fullstory and see pictures of the farm than and now)

I started my growing on logs sustainably harvested from our forests as part of our forest improvement plan.   We managed our forests for watershed protection, wildlife enhancement and biodiversity so the trees we harvest are carefully selected and harvested with care.

Our log grown Shiitakes are different then commercial sawdust grown Shiitakes that are grown indoors.  We grow a range of Shiitake strains from March through November on a variety of tree species in outdoor conditions.  We believe this gives our shiitakes a robust texture and flavor as well as creating a beautiful healthy mushroom.

Our current markets include:  local restaurants and caterers interested in Farm to Table dining, Farmers market,  CSA’s and direct sales to individuals.

We love hearing from our customers about how you liked our mushrooms and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on or share your favorite mushroom recipe.

So now besides growing mushrooms Ingrid is creating an Agroforestry demonstration farm

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