Our goal is to produce wholesome, diverse, regenerative agroforestry food products in an environmentally sustainable way. We endeavor to increase awareness and provide a good quality of life that shares our environmental principles with our community through agrotourism.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regenerative_agriculture)

Agroforestry production is a long-term investment it takes 2 years for a log to produce a mushroom, 40 years for a maple tree to mature enough to produce sap that can be harvested, about 5 years for ginseng to be harvested and a fruit tree about that long to bear enough fruit.  So, this isn’t a get rich quick proposition but something that requires patience, perseverance and a passion for nurturing the earth. 

Our farm Goals:

  • Creating Lasting Partnerships
    We understand the importance of building long term diverse relationships with other farmers, agencies and the community at large. We will do this by being open, welcoming and nurturing.
  • Accountability
    To grow into a sustainable farming demonstration site where we produce high quality agroforestry foods and mentor our community in how to take these practices and implement them in their own farms and gardens.
  • Stewardship of the Land
    As stewards of our farm, we will strive to establish a regenerative agroforestry system that improves the overall conditions of the soil and trees on the farm to create a biodiverse ecosystem that supports the local biome, our agricultural community and is resilient in the face of future climate change uncertainty.

Core Values:

  1. Misty Dawn Farm provides a quality farm experience teaching and mentoring our growing community on the importance of forest food systems.
  2. Produce quality products/ food
  3. Enhance environmental quality for future generations.
  4. Continue to grow through experimentation, determination, and implementation of new ideas and time-tested traditions.
  5. Work/life balance with an emphasis on supporting our diverse community.
  6. We pride ourselves on being an integrative, collaborative, organized, and resilient farm working to meet the future challenges of climate change.


  1. Grow knowledge of the nutritive qualities of agroforestry foods to the greater community through outreach, education and direct experiential on farm experiences
  2. Support agroforestry and specialty mushroom industry in our region
  3. We work to maintain a strong competitive advantage through innovation, biodiversity and specialization.
  4. Provide jobs, mentoring and incubator space for aspiring agroforestry entrepreneurs, veteran farmers and non-traditional ag students
  5. Strive to provide and maintain a safe environment to work, learn and play in.

There is so much more to tell you about our farm, farm animals and our vision to learn more check out our farms focus areas

  1. Specialty log grown mushrooms
  2. Maple Syrup
  3. Diverse orchard, berry and nut production
  4. Woodland, and culinary herbal production
  5. Native pollinator habitats
  6. Rescue animals for rotational grazing, IPM (Integrated Pest Management), food, fiber and fun
  7. Agrotourism, education and glamping
  8. Homestead farm, you pick and produce stand