My Background and why I will succeed in making this vision a reality Ingrid has a BS in environmental science from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in water resource management (Fish Management emphasis) and environmental education minor.  She worked for UW extension where she developed a wide range of training programs for conservation professionals that work with farmers.   Working with farmers she became interested in soil health and learned about the hidden and poorly understood life in soil.  She is a single operator and owner of a Misty Dawn Farm a 19.1 acre integrated regenerative agroforestry demonstration farm in Janesville, She is also the president of the Shiitake Growers Association.  She has a master certificate in sustainable leadership from Edgewood College.  Ingrid has sat on many professional conservation and farm advisory boards and teams.  She loves sharing the knowledge she has gained with others and leads a variety of workshops and field days around the United States.  Ingrid recently joined the Wisconsin Women in Conservation (WIWiC) team to help other women farmers assess and implement potential conservation practices on their land.   Over the years Ingrid has successfully raised over 3.5 million in grant funding for various other Not For Profit  organizations and projects and is now asking for funding assistance for her own